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I'm Cornelius Emase

S o f t w a r e
E n g i n e e rand A Data Enthuasist



Wanna know more about me? I gatchu. You can check out my Medium Articles, Blog Coming soon.

Medium Articles


Intro to SQL for Analysis

An introduction of SQL and how you an implement it and use for data analysis.


Exploratory Data Analysis


I've highlighted guide to Exploratory data analysis and captured picures of it.


I have to years of coding. I'm passionate about empowering the world about technology innovation.


I have completed dozens of projects and contributed on open source.


I love watching airplanes. Travelling and watching terifying movies

I am an analytical, detail-oriented, and persistent software engineer and data enthusiast with extensive experience. My passion for technology and data make me a valuable asset to any data engineering project or team.


I have been participating on open source projects and so am working on my own projects now, coming soon.Keep checking!

Projects Done

On my website, I showcase my experience working on various projects using recent technologies. For instance, I led a team in developing a productivity web app using React and Node.js. Additionally, I worked on a project using Python and TensorFlow to develop a recommendation engine for a social media platform. These experiences allowed me to enhance my skills and knowledge in the industry.

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I'm proficient with the following langauges and I'm currently learning new ones

I'm a competent Engineer and a fast learner.

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Umoja Street
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Phone Number:
+254 11 607 857